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i want chicken nuggies

why do they tell me not to study when the exam is right after the break

*crying noise*

i haven't attended cell bio lectures in 3 weeks - pray for me guys

Cel bio is amazing content wise but horrible assessment wise

I want to tell someone I likeeee themmm hehe

Not to brag, but our cohort is literally the best. We’re all there for each other and are making this Zoom university is experience so much better

hmu feb 14th im free #singleasapringle

i haven’t been to cell bio in 5 weeks

follow dream on twitter @dream

also been skipping cell bio since the semester started plz pray for me

wear a maid outfit!!! do it!!!

is it bad that inquiry still feels like a waste of time to me

I also want to tell someone I like them😔

its not a sunday unless you completely waste it and then feel sad around 8pm

i despise going to inquiry. i could watch netflix for 3 hours instead of stare at people in silence for 3 hours.idk why every upper year likes it so much

Shout out to the FYC for coming up with all these new and cool ideas to connect the cohort! :)

you guys are so nice

love the healthsci family :))

I’m scared I’m going to be robbed of the most wonderful years of my life because of the pandemic.

I'm lowkey jealous of those who got a highschool prom or graduation. Knowing I'll never get a complete ending to highschool feelsbadman

it really do be like that

Cardi B's recent musical project entitled "Up" creates quite a strong soothing sensation for my ears.

I feel like we really missed out experiencing university fully. First year is really the most memorable year because you get to live on res, we really got robbed. grade 12 was cut short and the whole of first year was just sad

i really want to eat a pineapple bun

Tickets to my downfall album of the year hands down

I wanna switch out of health sci, but I’m worried I’ll disappoint my parents cuz idk what I want to do.

Chic fila lemonade is [insert substance used for non-medicinal purposes]

hi i love all the fyc is doing you guys are great 🥺

It’s so hard to make new friends in the program but it’s comforting to know a lot of people feel the same way

I cant wait to meet y’all in person:(

i love yall sm im SCREAM, thank you for contributing to this board and our community!!!

Close the opera

Who else can’t sleep and just thinks about random stuff at night? Like would you rather be able to speak to animals/control them or turn into any animal u want?

I feel like lots of your are already friends and meanwhile I'm not really close with anyone yet

I am also wanting to switch out of health sci. I have never been more miserable in my whole life but I feel so guilty saying that because of how many people lost out on their spot to me.

Hang in there. Things will get better.

same I feel like a lot of people made some close friends already and i don’t really know if I have yet :/


If you're not happy in health sci then definitely don't feel like you're stuck here! You didn't 'take' anyone's spot...I'm sure everyone that deserved to be here made it! Having said that, don't spend your time doing something that makes you miserable. It might be a difficult choice to make now but hopefully you won't regret it in the future..Hang in there!

to the people who wanna leave the program: i am sure you guys are not alone, and not having a proper first year is prob adding to it. we havnt experienced what it is like being a mac health sci kid yet. we have missed out on so much fun and opportunities, im sure 2nd year (if in person or hybrid) will be so so so much better. It does get better :) just know that there are some amazing people in health sci that will bring you do much joy! you just need to find your people

idk how to tell alex he sucks at fps games

hey in case you didn't know... you're amazing ;)

idk why I feel like a fraud whenever I tell someone I’m in health sci but have no interest in pursuing medicine

Idk how to tell my friend that they suck at val, Eileen and Cynthia this message is for you guys :)

i agree, Cardi B's new song 'Up' is basically my anthem

my goal is to get into med school, i dont know what i’m supposed to be doing and i dont know if what i’m doing is right, all i know is that i can only try my best :/

salt is just angry sugar

checking facebook is hard

Shout out to Ayesha for Managing this page!

note from ayesha: hehe thanks

To the fine individual who commented "i agree, Cardi B's new song 'Up' is basically my anthem" I just want to say that you are ELITE. If it's up, then it's up, then it's up, then it's stuck. Bless your soul.

this page is so cute <3

ughhhh I'm so booooooooored

I need to go to IKEA

I'm so booooooooored

spaghetti and meatballs

first year is almost over this feels so surreal

its so bright and sunny outsidee!! makes me happe

it makes me happe too! :D

I live for this confessions page and I'm not even in your program #fireball