About Us

The FYC is focused on the Class of 2024 of McMaster University's BHSc (Hons.) Program. Our fellow students and their interests and experiences are what make this class unique. We work to connect our class, provide resources, and make us all more comfortable with our peers.

The FYC conducts weekly meetings, and our meeting minutes/agendas can be found here. You must use your McMaster University Google account to access the link.

Our Team

Here's the First Year Council Team; you can click on members to learn more about them.

And now, a secret message from the web developer.

Hello! If you're curious as to what this website was built with, it was made using HTML/CSS/JS, specifically Bootstrap 4, and hosted on Firebase. Unfortunately, the code for this website is not available to the public because of some sensitive information, but if you're interested in learning how to make websites using programming languages, then reach out to me at umaira1@mcmaster.ca and I can give you some great resources.